Our Quest To Stop Bullying Is A Year-Round Process.

Simply Badd has worked with several schools, in Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, Michigan just to name a few states.

His outreach program has helped with several countries such as New Zealand, Australia.

He has worked with athletes from all sports including the NFL, MMA, NBA, and other wrestlers all over the country.

He works with "Champions Against Bullying." PACER

WWE'S "Be A Star Program."

He's worked with several school districts in Texas:

Lewisville ISD

Dallas ISD

Denton ISD

Tarrant ISD

Frisco ISD

In N.Texas.

With More, To Come Soon.

He has spoken at juveniles facilities in Denton, Ft Worth,  Dallas, and Gainesville State Home.

Lewisville ISD is his home base.

Our program and partnerships with others to stop bullying in our communities have helped over 2.5 million people worldwide.

Providing helpful information and effective tools to use daily has helped victims and families to get through some difficult times, of dealing with bullying and the effects it can have on a person.

" Our Purpose In Life Is To Stop Bullying Everywhere"

Simply Badd Is Our Champion Against Bullying!!

Simply Badd's" Cease Bullying Tour 2020-21 Dates " TBA Soon.

"Simply's Safe Haven Opens 1/5/21 In Lewisville TX ( More Details TBA)."

In 2016, Mr. Hicks had a vision "if I can coach young men and women for all minorities to look inside themselves to use the gifts and tools to problem solve, set goals, achieve them, believe in themselves to release that incredible person they desire to see in themselves and share with the rest of the world", our communities would be this amazing place to live.

Lewisville ISD took the risk, and it's has paid off in major ways.

Students are discovering that the inner person, they desire to become does exist and it's not difficult to release that person, it starts within themselves.

His program "Game Changers /SB Life Coaching" is a mentor program with students in 9 different schools. He is currently working with 54 students/per week.

"In Order To Be The Changer, I Must Be That Change Our Youth See And Desire!"

"This Is The Official Site Of The Real Simply Badd"

"Changing The Game Called Life And Winning"

What our customers are saying

Simply Badd came to our school in VA 4 years ago.  The kids still remember his talk about bullying and staying away from evilness. His message is positive yet powerful. 

Mrs. White, Parent - Newport News VA

What our customers are saying

T-Ronn Hicks has dedicated his life to putting a stop to bullying! He works daily with any troubled youth in the Lewisville Independent School District to ensure he hears their pain/concerns, helps them find a resolution for the problem, and ensures each child that their mentor and friend is there to lean on. 

 He travels across the country promoting his anti-bullying campaign- "Stop Bullying Our Purpose" (SBOP). He shares his story of being bullied himself and how he turned that life experience into a positive avenue for himself and so many others. He willingly works with any individual, school, community, or church that asks for help. T-Ronn’s dedication to stopping bullying has made an immense difference in the lives of so many students in our schools. He gives all of himself. 

Cam Rose, Parent - Lewisville, Texas

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