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Simply Badd is a retired Pro-Wrestler, who is following his spiritual calling to help lead today's youth by helping them to reach their desired dreams and goals.

He's a firm believer that hard work, determination,faith and never quitting will allow you to reach your dreams and goals.

"GRIT And Don't Quit"!

you may purchase his book from

Westside B C Health Fair 8/18/18 802 Bellaire BLVd Lewisville 75077

Time 10a-1pm free admission

1-"My Inside Is Brighter Than My Outside" ( How I Overcame Bullying"

2- "If I can You Can" ( 13 Spiritual Keys To Success)

3- "Succeeding When Others Don't Want You To"

Books Are Available Here or

For each book sold on this site, a portion of the sales will go to our 501-c3 nonprofit anti-bullying organization (Stop Bullying Our Purpose) 80-0533109.