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Meet Simply Badd

T-Ronn Hicks aka Simply Badd in the Pro-Wrestling World.

He wrestled for 18 yrs with many different companies and holds 19 world titles.

He retired in 2012 as the UWA World Jr-Heavyweight Champion & 1/2 of the UWA World Tag Title w/ Bobo Brazil Jr.

He's the only pro-wrestler to retire from the sport with 2 world championships.

Before retiring from wrestling, he started an outreach program called BADD, ( Believers Anointed For A Divine Destiny) to mentor young men & women from single-parent homes.

12 of the young men have or are going to college, or have enlisted in the US Military, as well as,

15 of the young ladies attending college.

Through his mentor program and church, Westside Baptist Church, in Lewisville, TX, T-Ronn has taken young men and women on mission trips for the past six years to help others in need during natural disasters in TX, OK, LA, ARK, as well as,

 creating over 1,525,000 meals at food banks in Dallas, TX and Moore OK.

Mr.Hicks stresses the importance of giving back to others and never letting where you are today, become your tomorrow.

His daughter asked him to come to speak to her 2nd-grade class about bullying. He did & started an international anti-bullying program called Stop Bullying Our Purpose ( SBOP).

Being a victim of bullying, he could speak on this subject matter from the heart, while sharing the steps God has given him to overcome his own bullying situation, becoming a successful pro-wrestler, and helping others to overcome bullying as he did.

Mr. Hicks Provides a safe, positive haven for victims of bullying.

His passion to stop bullying has caused him to bring awareness of this problem to local schools, churches, and community centers in which he provides a presentation to the youth. The presentation includes steps for bully prevention.

Mr. Hicks has spoken to over 2.5 million people about bullying and ways to help others and this number continues to grow daily.

Every Year in October, he holds an " Anti-Bullying Event  " in which pro athletes and local government officials take part, to show unity for the cause.

The program isn't just local, Hicks travels across the country, speaking against bullying & bringing hope to victims of bullying.

His program is in several states such as TX, KS, KY, OH, OK, VA, IN, MO, FL.

His recent visit to Florida has allowed him to help implement an anti-bullying program into schools in South Florida, becoming the first school to have such a program in that state.

While his passion is helping others, he's also a loving husband, awesome father & caring guy.

Mr.Hicks is a nationally certified life coach from NSA.

This certification helps enhance his work with today's youth of all ages, to problem solve within themselves and provides problem-solving tools to use on a daily basis.

Mr. Hicks's mentor program "Game Changers/SB Life Coaching is a huge success with the Lewisville community. He is working with students from all demographic backgrounds.

The purpose of this program is to challenge our students to "Look within themselves to find the inner peace and desires to achieve their goals and dreams they wish to achieve".

"Every tool we need to win in life is already inside us, we must remove the mountains that are blocking our view to see and grab the tools to use and win.

Some of his accomplishments in & outside the ring:

Current Lewisville Council Of PTA's President

Former  J.L. Huffines Middle School PTA President.

2021 Presenter At TXPTA "Launch Conference"

2020 Presenter at L.O.Y.M. Virtual Conference.

2019 TXPTA Panelist at  TXPTA Launch Conference.

 Presented at The TX PTA 2018 Launch 🚀 ( Building A Strong Community Within The School).

2018 NEDRP Conference ( The 3-Rs On A Better Life & Society)

2018 "LifeChanger Of The Year Nominee"

M.C.I.W.- New Breed Pro Wrestling 2018 Hall Of Fame

2017 Indiana Pro- Wrestling “ Legends “ Hall Of Fame

19 World Wrestling Titles

Ring of Champions (2012)

2016 Delta Sigma Theta

" Catalyst Of Change " Winner

6 time - UWA Pro- Wrestler of the Year

UWA Pro- Wrestler of the Decade (2012)

PWN/ UWA Humanitarian Wrestler of the year (2013,2014)

(2015) The Bully Effect International Humanitarian

5 X Nominee for the CNN Hero Award

4x Nominee for the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Award Community Leader

Author Of "Succeeding When Others Don't Want You To" 

Author of a compelling & helpful anti-bullying book " My Inside is Brighter than My Outside," and 

"If I Can, You Can" 13 Spiritual Keys To Success, both books can be purchased here and online @

Awards Received:

Toastmaster International

2021 Distinguished Toastmaster 

2020 Advanced Leader Silver Award

2020 Leadership Award 

2020 Competent Gold Leader Award

2017 Competent Bronze Leader Award

2017 Leader Bronze Award

Competent Leader Award - 2013-14

Competent Leadership Award -